Sunday, March 6, 2011


The 4 most popular ways to make money without spending money

Make money selling your own product

Yes, you can do this without spending money. This is the path most small business take - and probably the most profitable one.
It is also the most difficult one of the 4 ways to make money without money. It's difficult and time-consuming. If you're forced to do it without a budget, it will be even more time-consuming. But you're determined to build a profitable, long-term Internet business, right? Hard work is not a problem. Right?
The most difficult part of this method is the product development.
What can you make without spending a penny? Something that people will still buy from you?
The answer lies in information products. We all have marketable skills. You're an expert in something.
Do you know a lot about cars?
Write a mini-book on basic engine maintenance.
Know a lot about kids?
Write a book called "101 Ways To Keep 2-year olds entertained" - you've already got your first buyer right here!
This is really doable. There are people who'd pay to know what you know.
Get nitty-gritty advice on creating your own product. Get the very short, very powerful e-book called "Ways To Make Money On The Net". No hype. Just dead-accurate advice. This document will save you two years of trial and error! Guaranteed.

Make money selling someone else's product

When you sign up as an affiliate / reseller for someone else's product, you refer people to the "supplier site" and you get a cut each time someone who you referred makes a purchase. It really is that simple. Probably the most doable of the ways to make money without money.
But you will only make money at affiliate programs if you can find a good supplier. One that's honest about tracking of sales and one that will pay on time.
I highly recommend the Logo Design Affiliate Program. It's great if you target small business owners who might be in the market for a business logo or other graphic design work.
You can't believe everything you read about affiliate programs, but they can really make money. A significant portion of my own Internet income is from affiliate programs. There are a couple of things you have to get right though. That book I mentioned above also looks at some of the best ways to make money with affiliate programs.


Make money selling advertising space

The idea behind it is to offer free information from your web site to pull in high volumes of traffic. Once you've achieved that, advertisers would pay you to display their advertisements on your site. This is probably one of the oldest and most hyped ways to make money without money.

It worked really well until the end of 2000. It's how Yahoo became big. With the dotcom bust in 2000, even Yahoo was forced to look to alternative revenue streams. Advertisers began to realize that, in most cases, web advertising is just not cost effective.
Nowadays most people don't click ads right?


Wrong! There's life in this old machine yet...

Contextual advertising (like Google's AdSense program) offers a real alternative to traditional advertising - and many web site owners are rediscovering this tried and tested way of making money from their web sites.

Make money doing what you already do

This is not for you if you're looking to build a serious small business on the Net. It's the easiest of the ways to make money without money, but because it's easy, it doesn't pay much.
Very little in fact.
It mostly involves getting paid to surf the Internet and getting paid to take surveys. It's like stuffing envelopes for money. If that blows your hair back, type "getting paid to do surveys" into the search box at Google and hit "Enter". Take your pick. Don't expect to get rich though.

How serious are you?

Ok, you've read this far.
Time I spilled the beans...
Making money online is not easy. If it was, you'd be out there making it, not over here reading about it.
I worked my butt off for two years before I made my first sale online. Two years of trial and error, late nights and too much coffee.
Shave two years off your learning curve. Get "Ways To Make Money On The Net" right now. At only 7 bucks with a full money-back guarantee to back your investment, it's a no-brainer.
Find out more about the book here.
Buy that book, read it, APPLY it and keep at it. You can and will make money from on the Net.

Information Products

Information Products


Strictly speaking, information products include all books, reports etc. In the Internet context, the term refers to electronically deliverable, knowledge-based products.
Information products are also referred to as "digital goods" and "knowledge-based goods".
If it delivers knowledge and you can e-mail it to the customer or offer it as a downloadable file, then it qualifies as an information product.
While you read this tutorial, download "The Mother of all Search Engine Reference Books". It's an e-book that we're giving away as part of a promotional campaign and a good example of an information product.

So information products are files on your hard drive that you send out electronically. Tutorials, e-books etc.


  • Information products can be created with little or no money. When I started I paid for a domain, hosting and a copy of Acrobat so I could make PDF files. That's it.

  • Information products can be reproduced in any quantity - it is as simple as copying a file. Even if you sell a million copies, production costs stay zero.

  • With information products, inventory and the problems around keeping an inventory are completely eliminated.

  • With information products, shipping costs and problems around shipping are completely eliminated.

  • Because it is delivered electronically, the time-lapse between purchase and delivery is neglegable.

These advantages are enormous - and they can give you the edge you need to make your business a success.
Hard goods have to be manufactured from raw materials using machienery. You'll probably have to hire someone to oversee the production. You'd have to have a system for keeping inventory - and again someone to run that. You'd have to ship the products - with someone to oversee that - or outsource the shipping function to someone else. These overheads make it difficult to be competitive.
Information products are cheap, easy, convenient and fast. The kind of thing you can create and sell all by yourself.


  • E-books
  • E-zines & newsletters
  • Reports & research data
  • Tutorials, courses & help files.


The major disadvantage of information products lies in its perceived value - in other words what the customer thinks it is worth before she buys it.
If it's a real book, she knows that it probably wouldn't get published if it were no good. She knows it has been spell-checked. With an e-book, these assurances are not there. Anyone can slap an e-book together and offer it for sale.
She also ends up with some data on her hard drive - not a book in her hands. People simply like to hold things they buy. Many people shop to feel better.
There are a couple of effective ways to add to the perceived value of information products.
You could reassure your potential customer by showing testimonials from happy customers, by offering a free download of part 1 while offering part 2 & 3 for sale, by offering a full, money-back guarantee etc.
You can also add to the perceived value of information products by increasing the price. Every product has a level of price resistance. The ideal is to find yours by experimenting and then set is just below that mark. Don't make the mistake of pricing low because production cost is zero. Price it according to the benefits it provides.